Joey at Lollapalooza

My name is Pierre-Olivier Garvais. I’m from Montréal., Québec. Canada. I’ve been a fan for 12 years. My brother was in NYC for Joey’s 50th, I couldn’t make it.


These two pictures were taken in 1995 in Quebec City during the Lollapalooza tour.


ABOVE: Classic Joey pose! He hardly moved, but no one stood on a stage and made an impression like Joey. When he talked or sang, everybody would listen and watch. No one occupied the stage like he did. He didn’t have to run, jump and yell like the others do, he captured the crowds attention like he was a god.



BELOW: At the end of the concert, Joey, exhausted, picks up and his mic stand and lets it go into the crowd. After nearly 60 minutes of fast and loud punk rock, even the King of Punk needs a little break, especially when it’s about 100 degrees.

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